Monday, December 21, 2009

Crop Circles - is there anything in this phenomenon

I have always been leary about the crop circle phenomenon, especially after media reports and confessions about them being man-made became popular news. It does seem like there are man-made circles but that there are also unusual circles that are formed by some other phenomenon. The original phenomenon, which was not man made and started the original research seems to have been copied by people making circles using boards. Some circles have become extremely elaborate and after the self-described pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley who claimed to have started the crop circle phenomenon in 1978 came out - it seemed that it was entirely a hoax. Further research seems to have shown that there are man made and natural occurring crop circles. Researchers with the right tools and knowledge are able to distinguish between the two. It could even be that the hoaxers were in fact on the employ of intelligence services. These two videos give the viewer some interesting facts about crop circles for those who think. Please let me know what you think after watching these videos. News Crop Circles The Hidden Truth Video

Colin Andrews and interesting information about possible government involvement

One theory which must never be dismissed, is that the supposed 'government agents' are in fact imposter's that want others to believe that they are government agents. They may be elaborate pranksters looking for attention!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anti-Gravity Propulsion

The following interview of Dr. Paul LaViolette was apparently sabotaged by hackers multiple times. The information presented in the interview is interesting, although I reserve judgement. The interview will be aired later in the month. He is a witness for the disclosure project. The Dr.s website is located HERE and the information is unusual and radical, and does not follow the current scientific trends.

Dr. LaViolette will be speaking about his reverse engineering of electrogravitics propulsion technologies being developed in black projects and that are discussed in his recent book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion. He will also touch on other topics such as SETI, galactic superwaves, the failings of conventional physics, and the advantages of subquantum kinetics. If you want to see more on Dr. LaViolette check out the following LINK

Apparently during the recording session for this interview, the telephone connection was broken 19 times. LaViolette's connection was simultaneously transferred from Mel to an unknown silent line as if someone had picked up another line and were listening in. This is the first time that Dr. LaViolette has experienced such attempts at suppression and it is also a first for Mr. Fabregas.

Mel also found that a 23 minute segment of LaViolette's interview soundtrack had been "surgically deleted" from his hard drive leaving intact just his own voice asking the questions. They have discussed the incident with both the telephone company, the FBI, and with a member of army intelligence and have concluded that an extreme level of sophistication would be needed to accomplish this kind of sabotage. They suspect either the CIA, NSA, or some unknown special ops group who does not want this material to come out

Here is an interview with the Dr. by project Camelot

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cover Up LBA and Seligman Productions with Mike Farrell (From Mash)

I have just found a most amazing documentary which includes an interview with two retired air force colonels involved with Project Blue Book. Col Robert J Friend (Center in Picture) and Col William Coleman. Major Robert J. Friend was appointed to head Blue Book in 1958. His efforts to upgrade the files and catalog the sightings according to the criteria was dominated by a lack of funding. Hyneck said of Friend that "Of all the officers I worked with in Blue Book, Colonel Friend earned my respect. Whatever private views he may have held, he was a total and practical realist, and sitting where he could see the scoreboard, he recognized the limitations of his office but conducted himself with dignity and a total lack of the bombast that characterized several of the other Blue Book heads."
Colonel William T. Coleman is a retired Air Force bomber pilot, former Public Information Officer for Project Blue Book, and Air Force's Chief Public Relations Officer during the early 1970s. Coleman spoke about a UFO sighting he had experienced while a bomber pilot in 1955. The plane came within an eighth of a mile of the disc-shaped object. "It was about 60 feet in diameter and 10 or 11 feet thick through the center," he said. "It had what looked like a titanium-type finish". See Report

This documentary has some startling revelations about the government cover up.

Here is most of the rest of the video documentary in no specific order.
Introduction - Start from 0.26 seconds into video (Marked as Pt 1)

Next - Dr. Richard F. Haines Ph.D and Captain Neil Daniels
Aerial Phenomenon (Marked as Pt 4)

Next - Abductions
Start viewing from 2 minutes into the video (Marked as Pt 8)

Next - Roswell with Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman (Marked as Pt 10)

Next - Gulf Breeze Sightings (Marked as Pt 11)

Next - About disclosure (Marked as Pt 13)

Next - Alien Bodies (Marked as Pt 15)

Next - Findings from Russia (Marked as Pt 17)

Next - UFO Cover Up, Conspiracy or Science? (Marked as Pt 17)

Additional Labels and Keywords: Project Blue Book, Cover up, Abduction, Bill Moore, Disclosure, Aliens, Russia, Conspiracy, Science

Out Of This World

Here is a very interesting documentary that was created and aired in 1977 on the BBC. Although there are some amusing scenes and some interesting people who you would not tend to believe, there are some astounding and genuine witnesses and some very interesting information on the subject. This is worth viewing:-

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clifford Stone and Robert Dean

If this is true, it is shocking to the core. Perhaps this is why the US government is not so keen on disclosure. In fact the Jewish Talmud in Sotah relates and extremely interesting story on how King Solomon was impersonated by an alien being - so much so that it was impossible for even his wives to know the difference.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CE-3: Argentina's Viale Case (1986)

This case deserves our closer attention. It's these types of reports that are told, by honest people, who are not looking for attention, who are merely recounting a terrifying or strange experience - that really give us the most information on this subject. Debunkers say that people are poor observers, don't see things well and misinterpret what they see. In fact the opposite is true, most people can very well describe what they saw, may not be good scientists, but are certainly good observers. Here is a report gleaned from an interesting site INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufologysts - from the Institute of Hispanic Ufology(IHU), which presents UFO and Paranormal cases from Spain, South America and the Carribbean. The website can be found at This report was forwarded to their contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez from the Argentinean resort city of Necochea: It is a CE-3 report from 1986 that you will surely find of interest. A CE-3 is a close encounter of the third kind - which means that there was an observation of what Hynek termed "animate beings" observed in association with a UFO sighting

Case Location: Viale – Province of Entre Rios (Argentina)
Date: October 1986
Report Authored By: Oscar Raul Mendoza (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Appeared in: El Dragón Invisible (Carlos A. Iurchuk)
The 1986 Viale CE-3
Originally written By Oscar Raul Mendoza

Alberto Meyer is a young peasant, some 30 years old, of good stature and physical constitution. He has a primary school education and some secondary school. He lives with his family in a property he owns some scant 8 kilometers from the city of Viale, toward the locality of Segui. He works on all farm tasks: cares for animals, cultivates and takes care of all facilities on his property.

Two days prior to the encounter, he suffered a strange experience that could be linked to the UFO activity that was taking place in the area at the time. Meyer was chopping wood with a power saw at another property near his home. The chainsaw suddenly stopped dead for no apparent reason, while at the same time he heard a vibrating sound above his head, strong enough to cause the ground, the tool and his body to shake for several seconds. Confused, he looked upward to find the origin of the sound, but couldn’t see or hear anything. He later checked the tool, finding everything was normal. He activated the start mechanism and it worked perfectly. He assigned the event to some airplane or helicopter passing overhead at low altitude. Not paying much importance to the event, he continued his duties.

Two days later, some 100 meters from the location, he was loading his car with firewood he’d chopped months earlier. He was nearly halfway done with completing the “cord” of wood that had been ordered by a bakery from Viale, when he suddenly felt an odd sensation. Setting aside his tasks for a minute, he looked around. He noticed nothing new at the location, but when he stared at some shrubs in motion, he felt that an animal would soon appear. To his astonishment, two beings emerged instead.

At first he thought that they might be hunters, but a question crossed his mind: how did they cross the creek if there are no bridges, logs or rocks with which to do so? Hoping to find out, Meyer waved a friendly greeting, but there was no response. The beings stood some 30 meters away from him, staring fixedly. He thought that they had not heard him due to the wind, and decided to approach.

As he did so, he had a better look of the manner in which they were dressed. His first impression was that they were in costume, or perhaps fleeing from justice, or even worse, terrorists. But at a distance of eight meters, his legs were gripped by a sudden paralysis: he had no control over his body and his will seemed to dissipate. In spite of this, he never lost balance or use of his senses.

Motionless, but extremely calm, he was able to notice other details about the strange pair. Both of them wore form-fitting outfits, like overalls, made of a “flesh-hued” plastic material, but shinier than their faces. What caught his attention was the enormous size of their heads – completely bald and with upswept pointed ears. Their features were almost normal, although their noses were somewhat wider and their mouths were nearly invisible.

He realized that one of them was a “woman” by the shape of the body, but otherwise they beings were nearly identical in height (1.50 m). Their arms hung loosely at their sides and looked normal. He was unable to see their lower legs on account of the vegetation.

Suddenly, a sort of smile appeared on “her” lips and both entities withdrew in an incredible manner: it seemed as though both creatures were gliding on skates, negotiating the features of the terrain with agility. At that moment, Meyer recovered mobility and fled the area, seized by uncontrollable fear.

Research conducted at the site revealed a strange footprint exactly where the creatures stood.

The opinions gleaned from many locals who knew “Muñeco Meyer” (as his friends call him) agreed that he is a serious, honest and hard worker, unable to cobble up such an event. This then, is the Meyer Case.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

This is a great introduction to a video interview of a former British diplomat Gordon Creighton, who gives an extremely convincing interview in 1979 about the alien presence. Take a look at this incredible interview of a man who clearly understood the phenomenon as best as it could be understood!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Rex Heflin Photos

One of the best photographic and witness evidence sightings was by Rex Heflin a photographer for the Orange County Road Department. His job involved keeping all traffic signs clearly visible. He attempted to report an obscured sign to his supervisor on his van radio but was unable to get through due to an unexplained failure of the radio. Still inside his van, he was about to photograph the sign with his Model 101 Polaroid work camera, which was loaded with ASA 3000 film. He suddenly saw a flash of motion on the periphery of his left eye and then viewed a silvery craft flying slowly from left to right across Myford Road. He snapped 3 photos of the craft and after getting out of his van he photographed an interesting smoke ring in the sky where the UFO had been.
Second generation copies of Helfin's photos were repeatedly analyzed at the time, by NICAP, by atmospheric physicist Prof. James McDonald and others (the originals were taken from him by two men claiming to be from NORAD, and surprisingly 20 years later, they were returned to him under strange circumstances). With the exception of Spalding, researchers concluded these photos show a bone fide UFO. Here is a copy of the report on the photos. For a more detailed discussion about the case have a look at this and this!

Here is a rare interview with Rex about the incident and the photos and some comments by people who knew Rex.

or watch here:

Comment 1: Those photos were in my house for one night when I was a kid. My dad worked for the Orange County Road Department knew Rex Heflin at work. One day my dad brought these photos home. We only had them in our house for that night. My dad told us later that Rex had sent them to Life magazine. They told him they were good photos, but that the subject was too controversial at that time. 30 years later, I was looking at the Time-Life "Mysteries of the Unknown" books. I turned a page and there they were.

Comment 2: Wow. My father was a senior civil engineer with the OC Road Dept. who also worked with Rex when these were taken. In fact, I still have copies of the pics!! Dad said there was NO way these were faked. Rex was not a joker. He would never have put himself in a position to be humiliated as he might have been, had he created a hoax that could later be discovered. I used to drive Myford road in Irvine all the time, where these were taken. These were my proof that UFOs are real.

This amazing case was showcased in UFO Hunters:-

UFO Hunters Part 1 - The Professor James McDonald UFO Files

UFO Hunters Part 2 - The Professor James McDonald UFO Files

UFO Hunters Part 3 - The Professor James McDonald UFO Files

UFO Hunters Part 4 - The Professor James McDonald UFO Files

UFO Hunters Part 5 - The Professor James McDonald UFO Files

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ufo lands in Russia leaving evidence

An interesting documentary about a UFO landing site in Russia with interesting trace evidence that has been verified by labs.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Staffordshire, UK - Jessie Roestenberg

I find this witness testimony unassuming and simply out to tell her story. What she saw and what happened. I find she seems truthful and honest. Difficult to disbelieve her. She is very believable. I am reposting this because I have just uncovered another video of her being interviewed, which I am posting below. We have to ask ourselves, why would a person make up a story like this - there is not motive that we can see, and she has been ridiculed, and she doesn't seem to be someone looking for attention - the media came looking for her. Jessie seems mystified herself about what happened that day i.e. since it seems so unlikely, but she knows what she saw! It's clear from her testimony that she just wants people to know the truth.

The Journey - The UFO Cases of Anthony Woods

This is a truly amazing story of Anthony Woods. To me he looks like a very credible witness and someone who really wouldn't have imagined that he would ever be involved in UFO's had he not personally had the sightings on a regular basis. It seems that UFOs are sometimes seen more often near certain individuals, it's almost like they have a special interest in a specific persons and it would be interesting to know why this is the case. These daylight sightings are really incredible and seem to have been analyzed by some very credible scientists and video analysts and well as court appointed special witnesses. Take a look at this:-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Human Developed Light Craft!

If you don't believe that UFO type vehicles could be developed with current technology - take a look at this amazing video. Looks almost similar to many UFO's - in theory if the military had a secret program and if this technology was available earlier than now, perhaps the military has light vehicles than look like they are extra-terrestrial.

62 Children Encounter Aliens in Ruwa Zimbabwe 1994

In 1994, 62 children claimed to have had an alien encounter. John E. Mack, a Harvard Professor, traveled to Ruwa, Zimbabwe to investigate. The video quality is not great but it's worth a look. Witness testimony - how could 62 children lie and stick to their story - the only other explanation could be a mass hallucination.

62 Children Encounter Aliens Part 1

62 Children Encounter Aliens Part 2

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bill Nye Demolished - Ufo's seeing is Believing

I always find it amazing how debunkers of the UFO phenomenon are unable to wrap their mind around the data and testimony of witnesses. They continue to ignore the weight of evidence and data and continue with their 'religous belief' that UFO's cannot exist. Now I have a healthy respect for a real skeptic, who will actually listen to what's being said and try to understand and is able to ask intelligent questions, even disprove a particular explanation, but when the listener is simply professing a foregone conclusion then he is surely a debunker! Of course there are some outlandish claims from many in the UFO community and a lot of nonsense being propagated, but that does not refute the legitimate study of scientists and experts in the field. Here is a great example of a so called skeptic (I say debunker) being demolished by scientist Bob Jacobs on Larry King.

A skeptic that I can respect is Bernard Haisch and here is his website. Also checkout his review of ‘‘Seeing is Believing: The Truth about UFOs’’ by Peter Jennings, ABC TV, February 24, 2005 - here. Once were reading this review - I have included the documentary 'Seeing is Believing' below:-

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 1

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 2

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 3

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 4

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 5

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 6

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 7

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 8

UFO's Seeing is Believing Part 9

Friday, July 31, 2009

Captain James Howard 1954 UFO over Newfoundland, also in 2005

On the 29th June 1954 Captain James Howard on a JFK to London flight sighted a UFO over Labrador, Newfoundland at 19000ft. Interesting footage in black and white.

In 2005 there is another sighting in Newfoundland and some more witness testimony although it doesn't seem to be the same object that was seem in 1954.

Tony Dodd EX-British Police Officer recounts his UFO experience

This is the very interesting evidence of an Ex- Police Officer describing what happened in Skipton N.Yorkshire England/UK in 1978 - when they encountered a UFO in a country lane. This started Tony's interest in UFO's - as he says, don't condemn the UFO subject without hearing the full story.

Milton Torres - Ordered to shoot down a UFO

Here is an interesting interview Sky News did with Milton Torres. The story goes as follows:-
RAF controllers told US pilot Milton Torres to lock on and launch all 24 of his rockets over the city. But as he came within seconds of firing at the alien intruder — the size of an aircraft carrier on his radar — it vanished at 10,000mph. The amazing close encounter is revealed in secret Ministry of Defence X-Files which are declassified today. Milton said: It was some kind of alien snooping over England. I guess well never know what it was. The incident happened in 1957 when Milton was a 26-year-old US Air Force lieutenant based at RAF Manston in Kent. At 11pm one night he was ordered to scramble in his F-86D Sabre fighter to attack a bogey hovering above Norfolk. Speaking about it publicly for the first time, he said: I was told I would be firing a complete salvo, all 24 rockets. I was pumped up — this was the sort of thing that happened before a war. He got the UFO on his radar and closed for the attack at the Sabres top speed of almost 700mph — then it disappeared off his screen in a flash. Another amazing witness testimony which seems to have been confirmed by radar.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ted Phillips - Another great Scientist

This video points out what I have always believed. If witness testimony can be used to put someone in jail for life or a be used to deliver a death sentence in some places - why should it not be proof enough for the existence of UFO's?!!! Enter a great scientist by the name of Ted Phillips - check out this video which is a clip from the 1979 UFO documentary "UFOs Are Real". This clip deals mostly with Ted Phillips and his investigation into UFO physical trace cases.

The Skeptic arguments against UFOs - By Stanton Friedman

Here is a classic from Stanton Friedman. This man is class and as always - always a scientist! A good lawyer once said that in order to disprove the other side's case, you need to understand and be able to argue their case. Clearly Stan Friedman is qualified to Argue that UFO's are real!

The Trans-En-Provence, France UFO Case in 1981

Here is the famous case of a farmer who saw a UFO in Trans-En-Provence, France in 1981. For more details on the case please take a look at UFOCasebook.

This was investigated by Jean-Jacques Velasco, originally a member of CNES, in the GEPAN team, the first french organization for the study of UFOs. In 1983, he became director of GEPAN. GEPAN was replaced by the SEPRA, an organization whose activity and budget were minimal. He battled practically alone, trying somehow to engage in a rigorous and scientific study of UFOs, despite his limited resources at SERPA. After the dissolution of SEPRA in 2004, he joined the "Culture Space" CNES. He was also invited in 1997 to the Symposium Pocantico, a world congress on the UFO phenomenon. In 1999 he collaborated in the drafting of the COMETA report. Initially skeptical of the UFO phenomenon, Velasco became a leading proponent of the extra-terrestrial hypothesis to explain the UFO phenomenon. According to Velasco, the vast majority of UFOs are actually natural phenomena, aircraft, or hoaxes. However some of them (about 13.5% of cases) have performed aeronautical maneuvers so staggering, that the hypotheses of aliens is plausible. Moreover, the fact that many observations have been made at sites near nuclear military and atomic power, indicates that the UFOs are linked with military and nuclear activities. These assumptions were criticized by the scientific world within the CNES, and the Zététiciens.

French Scientist and UFO authority Jean-Jacques Velasco proves UFOs exist. Pt. 1

French Scientist and UFO authority Jean-Jacques Velasco proves UFOs exist. Pt. 2

Amazing Evidence from Michigan on Walter Cronkite CBS 1966

Here is some great witness evidence which is hard to refute. Perhaps these sightings could be explained away as some phenomena or perhaps they saw what they saw - which was a real UFO.

David Aaron and a facinating Video Collection

David Aaron started collecting video evidence after he experienced his own UFO sighting and had some contact with a UFO. David claims he was 'moved' away from the craft by a beam of light after he and his father mistook a UFO for a crashed plane. He claims he has a scar to prove it, and over 1000 videos that he has received from people all around the world. Some people say he is a nut, others love his broadcasts of the various videos he has in his collection. I leave that jugement to you. Lets see what the folks at Fox News have to say about it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick Pope - A refreshing voice on the UFO subject!

Nick Pope is the most level headed UFO researcher that I know. He is not prepared to put his neck out and say what is the cause of the phenomenon - and rightly so. How can we be sure that these crafts are extra-terrestrial? They may even be life-forms that are from our earth - inter-dimensional beings or even time-travellers. Until we know for sure - why guess! Here are some great videos with Nick. I love his accent and cool headed, humorous approach. He is a gentleman!

Nick Pope

The Nick Pope Interview

UFO/ET Warning Nick Pope on News

FoxNews : Nick Pope talks about UFO Shoot Down

Nick Pope on science versus ufology

UFO - Discussions on CNN News

Video: Nick Pope Speaking at the X-Conference Press Conference 2009

Disclosure - Mexican Airforce followed by UFO's

It seems that governments of the world are trying to put pressure on the United States to release what they know about the UFO phenomenon. France released the Cometa report and more recently the United Kingdom released many of it's archives on the subject. Now the Mexican air force has release some footage from the air force in a most unusual move. It's clear that they are trying to get the US to come out with what they know and disclose to the public what has been known for years unofficially. Nick Pope an ex UK Government UFO Investigator has said for sometime that there will be disclosure but with a small "d". It does seem that the media is now becoming more open about discussing UFO and there is less ridicule and more serious information being released by the media. Many say the reason for the secrecy up until now so the US could maintain a lead in this phenomenon and others say that they were terrified of the possibility of chaos. In addition there may be great strategic benefits in being the only government with this kind of technological information. A Canadian who worked closely with the US government stated that he was told the UFO phenomenon was classified at a higher secrecy level than the H-Bomb. You can access the British National Archives here and here

Here is an interesting video on the subject.

Government Admits to Aliens Being Real

Disclosure - CNN

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 1

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 2

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 3

French Cometa Report

UFO in Ireland - probably balloons

This video is a good example of why lights in the sky is not proof of a real UFO sighting. I personally think people get too excited about lights out in the sky at night, although there are some exceptions - for example the Phoenix lights where people were close enough to actually see a 'craft' of some sort.


The phoenix lights is probably the biggest mass sighting of recorded history - on the night concerned people were up looking at the Hale-Bopp comet.

Comet Hale-Bopp (formally designated C/1995 O1) was arguably the most widely observed comet of the twentieth century, and one of the brightest seen for many decades. It was visible to the naked eye for a record 18 months, twice as long as the previous record holder, the Great Comet of 1811.Hale-Bopp was discovered on July 23, 1995 at a great distance from the Sun, raising expectations that the comet would brighten considerably by the time it passed close to Earth. Although predicting the brightness of comets with any degree of accuracy is very difficult, Hale-Bopp met or exceeded most predictions when it passed perihelion on April 1, 1997. The comet was dubbed the Great Comet of 1997.

Check out UFO Hunters on the Phoenix Lights.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

UFO's in Liverpool across the Mersey River - a BBC Documentary

Here is an interesting documentary by the BBC about sightings in Mersey side. I apologize for the video quality but feel this witness testimony makes it worth a look:-

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alien Abduction

This is a subject that I really don't like to write about, but is a necessity when looking into authentic UFO's. If it's true, it sounds like a page out of a horror movie. Ugly beings called 'greys' coming into the room while a person is sleeping, taking the person against their will and performing painful experiments which usually involve taking human seed or embryos. Now if you think this is crazy - there are apparently many millions of Americans and other nationalities who seem to have the same story to tell. Some scientists have speculated that this is part of a sleep abnormality called sleep paralysis - but to those who have these experiences, this is simply not an acceptable explanation. My question is - how could so many people relate the same story, same experiences, some never having heard of this phenomenon - and yet they all tell the same story. Wouldn't it be great if someone could simply capture this on a video tape they setup before they go to sleep? That may not be possible in the presence of magnetic pulses frequently associated with UFO's. Take a look at these videos, if you have the stomach and want to know more:-

CNN Interview with abductee's

ABC Interview

Sleep Paralysis Explanation

UFO Hunters - Abduction 1

UFO Hunters - Abduction 2

UFO Hunters - Abduction 3

UFO Hunters - Abduction 4

UFO Hunters - Abduction 5

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Homeland Anti-Terrorist Bill

The following post is not what I would normally post on this blog, but it was just too good to miss. I don't even like the title given by those who uploaded this video to You Tube, but it could possibly be evidence of the anti-terrorist laws being used for capturing of 'Alien' Life forms or EBE's (extraterrestrial biological entities) - if they exist. The most shocking part of the video is the reaction of Representative John Haller to some of the details of the item he is reading out - although he keeps using the word 'classified' - he is clearly shocked by something. What do you think? Was it appropriate to post this on this blog?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chicago O'Hare UFO Sighting

On November 7th 2006 4.15pm, there was a sighting of a UFO that hovered over Chicago O'Hare's C17 terminal building and was spotted by United Airlines Mechanics on the ground. Here is an interview on CNN of the mechanic who declined to be identified. We also have another video of a news broadcaster preparing for his news bulletin about the UFO and chatting with the spokesperson he is interviewing, followed by the actual interview itself. If you have the patience to watch the whole thing - it's interesting to see the reaction he has to the news piece. I have also included the UFO Hunters interesting show called Aliens at the airport. Definitely worth buying the UFO Hunters DVD's from their website or from Real UFO's.

Interview with CNN

News reporter preparing for O'Hare Interview

UFO Hunters - Alien's at the Airport Part 1

UFO Hunters - Alien's at the Airport Part 2

UFO Hunters - Alien's at the Airport Part 3

UFO Hunters - Alien's at the Airport Part 4

UFO Hunters - Alien's at the Airport Part 5

Friday, July 17, 2009

UFO over Melbourne, Australian Documentary

A huge silver metallic crafts seems to suck up water from a nearby lake. There are many eye-witnesses to this weird encounter. Great witness testimony!

Great Footage taken by a teen

Here is some great footage taken by a teen and apparently investigated by NASA. It's the famous Mexican soccer players and the 'alien' that reaches out to grab the player. In addition there is an amazing video of a UFO craft, metallic looking and better than most. I was more impressed than usual with the quality of the video taken of the craft. Great show from Paranormal News

Ufos and aliens documentary

This is another old documentary aired once in Denmark. They have done their homework. It starts with the 'Belgian' UFO wave of triangular craft and even includes an interview with Congressman Shiff who was involved in trying to uncover the truth about UFO's.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Recovered Alien Artifact - Bob White Object!

Here is a great story about an Alien Artifact that was retrieved by Bob White during an unusual UFO encounter in 1985. Here is an extract from UFO Hunters which investigated this case very thoroughly. We hope to bring you more from this great series, and we recommend that you actually buy the UFO Hunters DVD if you are really interested in UFO's - you will not be disappointed! Next time a debunker says that no real evidence exists - get them to watch this video!

Part 1

Part 2

In Search of UFO's

This is an oldie but very interesting nevertheless. A great program by Robert Long and executive producer Alan Landsman, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, with some very interesting witness testimony. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Part 1



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Astronauts - You can't get better credibility

For those who doubt the possibility and think UFO's are simply a joke - you can't get better credibility than veteran US Astronauts and pilot sightings. After you see this video, you will come away knowing there is something to this phenomenon.

Interview with astronomer Allen Hynek - 1977

There was no scientist with more access to classified UFO files than Dr. Allen Hynek. Dr. Hynek started out working for the air force and the US government to investigate UFOs. Initially he was a skeptic and much of his initial work was to try and disprove the whole business. However, after the government closed down the study of UFOs brushing off many unexplainable cases, Dr Hynek became more and more convinced that this was a subject worthy of study. As he studied more and more cases he became convinced that there was scientific proof to the existence of UFO's. Here is and interview with Dr. Hynek in 1977

Major Keyhoe: The Flying Saucers Are Real

Isn't it so amazing that Major Keyhoe, despite the obvious intentions of the air force and the ridicule of this interviewer, sticks to the facts and will not allow them to make the truth to go away.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What this blog is all about

My interest in UFO's has increased with time and I have noticed just how much video and other proof is out there in cyberspace. My biggest frustration is looking through videos which are boring, irrelevant and either hoaxes or the product of a very fertile imagination. I'm not interested in looking at videos or footage that is not authentic or can easily be explained away. There are too many videos of flying orbs and dots and how many do we have to see - is the next video of some flying orbs going to make us more convinced? Witness testimony on the other hand is great evidence that the phenomenon exists and needs to be explained. Courts of law will put people behind bars and in some countries even put people to death based on witness testimony. How so, that when it comes to UFO's, witness testimony is not enough. In addition, many sightings are backed up by radar. You cannot explain away the multiple sightings and trace evidence that exists in many of these cases. It does seem that whoever is piloting these UFO's tends to stay out of view when possible. Many questions need to be answered - Is there a correlation between the viewers and the crafts. What about abductions, are they real or not? (Yes, can someone who is being abducted PLEASE setup a video camera in a position where it can film the whole process for all of us!) Why is it so difficult to prove these crafts exist. Have we tried hard enough? Is the reality of UFO's proof of aliens. Maybe there are beings on this planet that we don't know about, or could it just be the military, or perhaps the occult or other dimensional beings. It seems that the ancients and past civilizations knew a lot more about this than we do - and perhaps we are better off. Are we about to open a 'can of worms'? Could we be inadvertently opening ourselves up to forces beyond our capabilities and could it well be a threat to our security. Many of these questions need to be answered and perhaps the US authorities are keeping this secret for good reason? Whatever the truth - I hope to show human testimony and only those videos which seem authentic and plausible to individuals of sound mind. I hope this will be an informative ride...