Monday, May 31, 2010

Two most trustworthy aliens abductions

Here are two astounding abduction cases. Both of these cases have interesting proofs, Travis Walton's abduction was seen by his buddies, a tree felling crew, whom all passed lie detector tests and seemed very scared and worried about what had occurred. Jesse Long's story seems to have some trace physical evidence in the form of an implant that was removed from his leg. If you don't enjoy horror movies, don't watch parts of the regression and re-enactments which in my opinion are gross in the extreme. I don't know why we also have to suffer through these - although it does give one a concept of what these poor people must be going through, whether these are real or imagined experiences.

What I find absolutely fascinating is the likeness of Jesse Long and his interviewer Whitley Streiber - Whitley is also an abductee and isn't it strange how similar they seem. This brings me to my next point - As a student of the Jewish Talmud, Zohar and traditional texts, I believe that these are shaidim or malachim - i.e. demons or angels - the greys are similar to the shaidim mentioned in the talmud and their agenda is in fact a breeding program, as mentioned by the zohar. In fact, they may be unable to breed without the human race. They could also be part of the angels that 'came down to marry the daughters of man' - they were all killed out in biblical times, but perhaps some of their progeny existed in some small genetic way from human marriages to these offspring (current multiple abductees may be descendants) - perhaps they are trying to re-invent themselves because they cannot get back to their planet or source in 'heaven' - following this hypothesis, perhaps their interest in specific people relates to a specific DNA sequence that enabled those first generation of angels to interbreed with the human race. I would think that they are not doing these experiments of breeding in order to hurt us, although clearly they do, but in order to survive themselves. It could be that they are looking for the one thing humans have which they don't, and that is free will to do what they want. Angels and demons are by nature unable to go against G-d or exercise free will, as many people mention they are often robotic in manner.
Now don't get me wrong - there are races of these beings that are evil and they are not to be viewed as being friendly, although some may be. We are best leaving them alone, as long as they don't bother us. Keep away from their areas ie. dark and uninhabited areas, don't sleep alone far from civilization except in groups and if you sleep alone, make sure to keep the lights on. And never try to communicate with them in any way even in thought as you may open up a door that cannot be closed. They are mostly scared of light and many people together - but in their territory they may be more bold according to the talmud in 'Brachos'. Another thing is that although Judaism doesn't subscribe to the 'good' against 'evil' doctrine as in some other religions - Judaism sees good and evil as part of G-d's will (without evil how could there be good and reward in the world to come) - yet there is some conflict between to forces of evil and good and as we come closer to messianic times, the forces of the good start to overcome the forces of evil - both evil and good have angels associated with them, and just as the world is in a tumult and there are wars and threats of Armageddon, so too in heaven, the same battles are being fought. Israel will come under attack (don't we see the writing on the wall!)as all the nations come against G-d's nation of priests and the world is going to be shaken - only one fifth of the people of the world, and Israel will survive according to these Jewish texts - a scary thought. I suppose it's time to be good people and start helping others. Read the book of Jonah!
Check out this video.

Here is an interesting interview with Travis:-

Friday, May 21, 2010

Web Titbits - some interesting posts from the web

Check out my latest article on my other blog iLifeWorld about Jupiter losing it's stripes HERE!

It seems that there is new hope for hacker and persona non-grata in the USA, Gary McKinnon. Gary who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, is being extradited to the USA for allegedly hacking into NASA computers to find out if UFO's are real. He is being blamed for causing damages to their computer system, but many think its an effort to make an example of him for delving too far into the UFO secrets that the US military, or perhaps a shadowy government, is trying hard to cover up. The overall Public concensus in the UK is that he should be tried in the UK not in the US. Check out REAL UFO's and the videos he posts for an interesting report on the latest twist to the case  i.e. that Nick Clegg the new Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Liberal Party in the UK, supports him being tried locally and opposes extradition. Here is an appeal from Gary's mother to rescind the unfair extradition treaty and Nick Clegg adds his support.

There is an interesting witness testimony from a retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, which seems that President Eisenhower was briefed on extraterrestrial biological entities and may have even met them. Take a look at the video on Alien Casebook HERE

Friday, May 7, 2010

Black Programs and UFO's

Here is a very interesting video I found which really throws open the idea that there are real aliens in existence - this is fodder for the skeptics who work hand in hand with science to try to disprove aliens, when sometimes a Researcher Michael Schratt reveals facts and figures from top secret US "Black Programs". His data reveals that the government has worked on creating and studying UFOs.. probably based on reverse engineering. So what is it that people see in the sky? Take a look...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Police sightings in Illinois - Alien craft or Military Hi-Tech

Surely some of the best witness testimony must come from the Police. The police are on the front line of calls to 911 or their emergency number. In one amazing night, many police officers are sent to investigate a mysterious light and extremely large object flying over Illinois. With the help of animation artists and scientific analysis, this sighting has been re-created and suggests one of two possibilities - a secret military project - perhaps a stealth blimp. Could it be an alien space vehicle? Some of the characteristics seem to indicate that it's not from the US military machine, even from advanced technology - the speed of travel and sheer size of the object is amazing!
Take a look at the following videos and give me your honest opinion - but please be reasonable. The human mind is much greater then we give it credit for, so the military option is a real possibility

Enjoy with a cup of your favorite drink, but don't drink and drive because then you may think you saw an alien

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