Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alien Abduction

This is a subject that I really don't like to write about, but is a necessity when looking into authentic UFO's. If it's true, it sounds like a page out of a horror movie. Ugly beings called 'greys' coming into the room while a person is sleeping, taking the person against their will and performing painful experiments which usually involve taking human seed or embryos. Now if you think this is crazy - there are apparently many millions of Americans and other nationalities who seem to have the same story to tell. Some scientists have speculated that this is part of a sleep abnormality called sleep paralysis - but to those who have these experiences, this is simply not an acceptable explanation. My question is - how could so many people relate the same story, same experiences, some never having heard of this phenomenon - and yet they all tell the same story. Wouldn't it be great if someone could simply capture this on a video tape they setup before they go to sleep? That may not be possible in the presence of magnetic pulses frequently associated with UFO's. Take a look at these videos, if you have the stomach and want to know more:-

CNN Interview with abductee's

ABC Interview

Sleep Paralysis Explanation

UFO Hunters - Abduction 1

UFO Hunters - Abduction 2

UFO Hunters - Abduction 3

UFO Hunters - Abduction 4

UFO Hunters - Abduction 5

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