Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Rex Heflin Photos

One of the best photographic and witness evidence sightings was by Rex Heflin a photographer for the Orange County Road Department. His job involved keeping all traffic signs clearly visible. He attempted to report an obscured sign to his supervisor on his van radio but was unable to get through due to an unexplained failure of the radio. Still inside his van, he was about to photograph the sign with his Model 101 Polaroid work camera, which was loaded with ASA 3000 film. He suddenly saw a flash of motion on the periphery of his left eye and then viewed a silvery craft flying slowly from left to right across Myford Road. He snapped 3 photos of the craft and after getting out of his van he photographed an interesting smoke ring in the sky where the UFO had been.
Second generation copies of Helfin's photos were repeatedly analyzed at the time, by NICAP, by atmospheric physicist Prof. James McDonald and others (the originals were taken from him by two men claiming to be from NORAD, and surprisingly 20 years later, they were returned to him under strange circumstances). With the exception of Spalding, researchers concluded these photos show a bone fide UFO. Here is a copy of the report on the photos. For a more detailed discussion about the case have a look at this and this!

Here is a rare interview with Rex about the incident and the photos and some comments by people who knew Rex.

or watch here:

Comment 1: Those photos were in my house for one night when I was a kid. My dad worked for the Orange County Road Department knew Rex Heflin at work. One day my dad brought these photos home. We only had them in our house for that night. My dad told us later that Rex had sent them to Life magazine. They told him they were good photos, but that the subject was too controversial at that time. 30 years later, I was looking at the Time-Life "Mysteries of the Unknown" books. I turned a page and there they were.

Comment 2: Wow. My father was a senior civil engineer with the OC Road Dept. who also worked with Rex when these were taken. In fact, I still have copies of the pics!! Dad said there was NO way these were faked. Rex was not a joker. He would never have put himself in a position to be humiliated as he might have been, had he created a hoax that could later be discovered. I used to drive Myford road in Irvine all the time, where these were taken. These were my proof that UFOs are real.

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