Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anti-Gravity Propulsion

The following interview of Dr. Paul LaViolette was apparently sabotaged by hackers multiple times. The information presented in the interview is interesting, although I reserve judgement. The interview will be aired later in the month. He is a witness for the disclosure project. The Dr.s website is located HERE and the information is unusual and radical, and does not follow the current scientific trends.

Dr. LaViolette will be speaking about his reverse engineering of electrogravitics propulsion technologies being developed in black projects and that are discussed in his recent book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion. He will also touch on other topics such as SETI, galactic superwaves, the failings of conventional physics, and the advantages of subquantum kinetics. If you want to see more on Dr. LaViolette check out the following LINK

Apparently during the recording session for this interview, the telephone connection was broken 19 times. LaViolette's connection was simultaneously transferred from Mel to an unknown silent line as if someone had picked up another line and were listening in. This is the first time that Dr. LaViolette has experienced such attempts at suppression and it is also a first for Mr. Fabregas.

Mel also found that a 23 minute segment of LaViolette's interview soundtrack had been "surgically deleted" from his hard drive leaving intact just his own voice asking the questions. They have discussed the incident with both the telephone company, the FBI, and with a member of army intelligence and have concluded that an extreme level of sophistication would be needed to accomplish this kind of sabotage. They suspect either the CIA, NSA, or some unknown special ops group who does not want this material to come out

Here is an interview with the Dr. by project Camelot

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