Thursday, July 29, 2010

UFO and Extra Terrestrial Presence on Earth - The Day before Disclosure

Here is an very interesting documentary which goes through much of the evidence and many of the issues relating to the UFO subject and disclosure. There is also some great new information, interviews and witness testimony related by credible subjects. Some of this testimony is so clear and devastating, its hard to refute. It would be almost irrational to believe this is made up by some crackpot theories. When one sees the names of top respectable people going on record saying this is for real, plus the overwhelming evidence  - its a wonder that the 'system' has managed to maintain a facade of normality and that this hasn't become an overnight sensation in the media.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 10

Monday, July 5, 2010

British UFO's

Interesting documentary on the British UFO files. You need 40 minutes and a cup of coffee!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tony Dodd EX-British Police Officer who saw a UFO

Here is a police officer who saw a UFO and it started a personal quest for him. He seems like a very reliable witness. A Policeman's UFO encounter in Yorkshire England 1978 was an up close and personal encounter with a nuts and bolts craft. The craft was hovering silently and was obviously a highly advanced technology. Hundreds of Policemen report UFO's every year around the world.

Here is another interview with Tony.

Weird UFOs in North Yorkshire, U.K.

Great news report from Sky News about some interesting sightings and video recorded

UFO Sighting in Lincolnshire, UK Aug 1991

Here is another witness testimony - she seems genuine. It also has corroborating testimony.

UFO: The High Bentham Incident

Compilation of the amazing High Bentham Incident. See HERE for the full story. This is a story of missing time, but the surprising thing is that its got more than one witness, a woman and her two children, her mother as well as others who noticed the object.

RAF Lightning UFO Mystery 1970

An RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when approaching a UFO. Pilot was never found after leaving RAF Binbrook in 1970. The Lighting plane was found with the canopy closed minus the pilot - an impossibility according to the technical specifications

Interesting documentaries on the UFO Incident Lakenheath/Bentwaters 1956

Short piece on the famous 1956 ufo incident,telling interview with the two pilots who encountered the unknown object.

UFO incident in Finland, Nivala 1993

This is an interesting case from Finland. Like many other UFO and possibly abduction incidents, there is a strangeness to the events. Why would some beings wake a 73 year old woman up to see them rushing around with baskets gathering samples. Sounds bizarre - like many other incidents....

World Class Footage of disk

This alien and human contact caught on cell phone video as well as Jack Willis's UFO footage reviewed by NASA makes us wonder, are we getting closer for more and more extreme contacts?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

UFO Sightings in Scotland

Here is an interesting documentary about UFO's being seen in Scotland. Incredibly people have seen large objects as big as Jumbo jets and one person was chased by a large ball of light while driving home. Many residents of the small Scottish town of Bonnybridge (pop. 6,000) near Edinburgh, have seen a UFO at one time or another and on a yearly basis, around 300 sighting reports are received from Bonnybridge and its environs, an area stretching from Stirling to the outskirts of Edinburgh which has been dubbed the “Falkirk Triangle” A forrestry worker was attacked by unknown object with two metal balls.

Part 1

Part 2

Beyond The Falkirk Triangle