Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Trans-En-Provence, France UFO Case in 1981

Here is the famous case of a farmer who saw a UFO in Trans-En-Provence, France in 1981. For more details on the case please take a look at UFOCasebook.

This was investigated by Jean-Jacques Velasco, originally a member of CNES, in the GEPAN team, the first french organization for the study of UFOs. In 1983, he became director of GEPAN. GEPAN was replaced by the SEPRA, an organization whose activity and budget were minimal. He battled practically alone, trying somehow to engage in a rigorous and scientific study of UFOs, despite his limited resources at SERPA. After the dissolution of SEPRA in 2004, he joined the "Culture Space" CNES. He was also invited in 1997 to the Symposium Pocantico, a world congress on the UFO phenomenon. In 1999 he collaborated in the drafting of the COMETA report. Initially skeptical of the UFO phenomenon, Velasco became a leading proponent of the extra-terrestrial hypothesis to explain the UFO phenomenon. According to Velasco, the vast majority of UFOs are actually natural phenomena, aircraft, or hoaxes. However some of them (about 13.5% of cases) have performed aeronautical maneuvers so staggering, that the hypotheses of aliens is plausible. Moreover, the fact that many observations have been made at sites near nuclear military and atomic power, indicates that the UFOs are linked with military and nuclear activities. These assumptions were criticized by the scientific world within the CNES, and the Zététiciens.

French Scientist and UFO authority Jean-Jacques Velasco proves UFOs exist. Pt. 1

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