Monday, December 21, 2009

Crop Circles - is there anything in this phenomenon

I have always been leary about the crop circle phenomenon, especially after media reports and confessions about them being man-made became popular news. It does seem like there are man-made circles but that there are also unusual circles that are formed by some other phenomenon. The original phenomenon, which was not man made and started the original research seems to have been copied by people making circles using boards. Some circles have become extremely elaborate and after the self-described pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley who claimed to have started the crop circle phenomenon in 1978 came out - it seemed that it was entirely a hoax. Further research seems to have shown that there are man made and natural occurring crop circles. Researchers with the right tools and knowledge are able to distinguish between the two. It could even be that the hoaxers were in fact on the employ of intelligence services. These two videos give the viewer some interesting facts about crop circles for those who think. Please let me know what you think after watching these videos. News Crop Circles The Hidden Truth Video

Colin Andrews and interesting information about possible government involvement

One theory which must never be dismissed, is that the supposed 'government agents' are in fact imposter's that want others to believe that they are government agents. They may be elaborate pranksters looking for attention!

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