Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disclosure - Mexican Airforce followed by UFO's

It seems that governments of the world are trying to put pressure on the United States to release what they know about the UFO phenomenon. France released the Cometa report and more recently the United Kingdom released many of it's archives on the subject. Now the Mexican air force has release some footage from the air force in a most unusual move. It's clear that they are trying to get the US to come out with what they know and disclose to the public what has been known for years unofficially. Nick Pope an ex UK Government UFO Investigator has said for sometime that there will be disclosure but with a small "d". It does seem that the media is now becoming more open about discussing UFO and there is less ridicule and more serious information being released by the media. Many say the reason for the secrecy up until now so the US could maintain a lead in this phenomenon and others say that they were terrified of the possibility of chaos. In addition there may be great strategic benefits in being the only government with this kind of technological information. A Canadian who worked closely with the US government stated that he was told the UFO phenomenon was classified at a higher secrecy level than the H-Bomb. You can access the British National Archives here and here

Here is an interesting video on the subject.

Government Admits to Aliens Being Real

Disclosure - CNN

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 1

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 2

UFO Files - British National Archive - Part 3

French Cometa Report

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