Thursday, July 16, 2009

What this blog is all about

My interest in UFO's has increased with time and I have noticed just how much video and other proof is out there in cyberspace. My biggest frustration is looking through videos which are boring, irrelevant and either hoaxes or the product of a very fertile imagination. I'm not interested in looking at videos or footage that is not authentic or can easily be explained away. There are too many videos of flying orbs and dots and how many do we have to see - is the next video of some flying orbs going to make us more convinced? Witness testimony on the other hand is great evidence that the phenomenon exists and needs to be explained. Courts of law will put people behind bars and in some countries even put people to death based on witness testimony. How so, that when it comes to UFO's, witness testimony is not enough. In addition, many sightings are backed up by radar. You cannot explain away the multiple sightings and trace evidence that exists in many of these cases. It does seem that whoever is piloting these UFO's tends to stay out of view when possible. Many questions need to be answered - Is there a correlation between the viewers and the crafts. What about abductions, are they real or not? (Yes, can someone who is being abducted PLEASE setup a video camera in a position where it can film the whole process for all of us!) Why is it so difficult to prove these crafts exist. Have we tried hard enough? Is the reality of UFO's proof of aliens. Maybe there are beings on this planet that we don't know about, or could it just be the military, or perhaps the occult or other dimensional beings. It seems that the ancients and past civilizations knew a lot more about this than we do - and perhaps we are better off. Are we about to open a 'can of worms'? Could we be inadvertently opening ourselves up to forces beyond our capabilities and could it well be a threat to our security. Many of these questions need to be answered and perhaps the US authorities are keeping this secret for good reason? Whatever the truth - I hope to show human testimony and only those videos which seem authentic and plausible to individuals of sound mind. I hope this will be an informative ride...

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