Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick Pope - A refreshing voice on the UFO subject!

Nick Pope is the most level headed UFO researcher that I know. He is not prepared to put his neck out and say what is the cause of the phenomenon - and rightly so. How can we be sure that these crafts are extra-terrestrial? They may even be life-forms that are from our earth - inter-dimensional beings or even time-travellers. Until we know for sure - why guess! Here are some great videos with Nick. I love his accent and cool headed, humorous approach. He is a gentleman!

Nick Pope

The Nick Pope Interview

UFO/ET Warning Nick Pope on News

FoxNews : Nick Pope talks about UFO Shoot Down

Nick Pope on science versus ufology

UFO - Discussions on CNN News

Video: Nick Pope Speaking at the X-Conference Press Conference 2009

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