Friday, July 31, 2009

Milton Torres - Ordered to shoot down a UFO

Here is an interesting interview Sky News did with Milton Torres. The story goes as follows:-
RAF controllers told US pilot Milton Torres to lock on and launch all 24 of his rockets over the city. But as he came within seconds of firing at the alien intruder — the size of an aircraft carrier on his radar — it vanished at 10,000mph. The amazing close encounter is revealed in secret Ministry of Defence X-Files which are declassified today. Milton said: It was some kind of alien snooping over England. I guess well never know what it was. The incident happened in 1957 when Milton was a 26-year-old US Air Force lieutenant based at RAF Manston in Kent. At 11pm one night he was ordered to scramble in his F-86D Sabre fighter to attack a bogey hovering above Norfolk. Speaking about it publicly for the first time, he said: I was told I would be firing a complete salvo, all 24 rockets. I was pumped up — this was the sort of thing that happened before a war. He got the UFO on his radar and closed for the attack at the Sabres top speed of almost 700mph — then it disappeared off his screen in a flash. Another amazing witness testimony which seems to have been confirmed by radar.

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