Friday, July 31, 2009

Tony Dodd EX-British Police Officer recounts his UFO experience

This is the very interesting evidence of an Ex- Police Officer describing what happened in Skipton N.Yorkshire England/UK in 1978 - when they encountered a UFO in a country lane. This started Tony's interest in UFO's - as he says, don't condemn the UFO subject without hearing the full story.


  1. Fascinating!

    Well I, for one, do believe, I do believe that aliens are in contact.
    I also think that there are people in power who are well aware of it.

    When will the truth come out??

    These people aren't lying and my scary visions tell me intuitively that there are beings from other worlds and that they are making contact.


    I certainly agree and support what these people are saying and think there is a cover up to the truth.


  2. The truth may not be so pleasant - take care.