Sunday, April 4, 2010

Witness Testimony - Ross Nesbit about his Interesting Encounter with Saucers and others

Here is a witness testimony from a very believable witness. An apparently True Account of a UFO. Ross Nesbit saw this UFO during the Ice Storm in Mississippi 1967. I have been meaning to write about the different types of witness testimony and how some people are more believable than others. The best way to describe the differences are to see some examples which are self explanatory. My personal feeling is that Ross is telling the truth

And here Bill Johnson of desertjournalonline tells about his 1964 UFO sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico - perhaps if he skipped the dramatization, he would be more believable - but as they say - where there is smoke there is fire. Why are so many people coming forward to report these weird occurrences. Every new story adds 'smoke' - i.e. evidence, although I can't honestly say this adds much smoke.

And here is another one from November 1988 - A UFO sighting "with pictures". I have serious doubts about the reliability of this one! It just seems like her fantasy is running away with her and perhaps she is spinning a creative story. I seriously doubt the part about telepathic viewing of the crafts instrument panel. Now, I'm not saying that she doesn't believe this or that it couldn't have happened - but this is not what I would call 'evidence' that would stand up in court!

Here is a more believable story of a personal experience involving a UFO. He make no claims as to the origins of what he saw. He could not at the time identify what it was and still to this day have not come up with a plausible natural explanation.

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