Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interesting Alien Encounter in Mexico and others

The following video clip shows an interesting image of what is supposedly an alien or Extra-Terrestrial entity. Although the tape is a little fuzzy, I think this footage is interesting and proper analysis of the tape may be able to verify that it was not created artificially. Even so, its not the 'smoking gun' that the skeptic are looking for, although it certainly strengthens the case for non-human entities existing. Take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.

Here is another clip which may be genuine or may be computer generated

Here is a famous case from Mexico, brought to the world by Jamie Maussan, a famous UFO investigator and television presenter. In the video you see a alien with a long arm reaching out from behind the pole and trying to grab a kid that was going to grab a ball that was kicked too far. Notice the fear in the voices of the youths - that would take world class acting to fake.

At a UFO conference ,Jaime Maussan showed the above video recorded on a Cell phone which was a bit blurry, but since its a cell phone camera , of course its going to be blurry. Here is some of the scientific analysis.

Here are some more interesting cases from Jaime Maussan - I'm not always sure that his logic is fool proof like "why would someone want to fake this" is not good enough for me, nevertheless he has some excellent material. Some of his cases have been disproven, but he does good groundwork and is perhaps a little too trusting of the videos he gets. he does try to do good scientific analysis though.

This clip is computer generated - but is interesting - as you can see how such things can be created on a computer

Here is another set of clips including a famous case from Italy

Here is an interesting creature apparently found in a trap in Mexico

And Finally from the series Destination Truth - they uncover some interesting evidence from Chile

Part 1

Part 2

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