Friday, April 9, 2010

UFO sightings in Tennessee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects, Tennesseans are reporting some unusual things overhead. For decades many people have reported seeing UFO's. A recent poll shows one in 12 Americans have seen a mysterious object in the sky, and that a third of adults believe it's likely aliens have visited earth. While some say the increase in volume of reports in Tennessee are enough to make any investigator sit up and take notice, others say it's all in their heads.

Here is a clip from 'My Fox' Memphis which is interesting, especially the pilot sighting. Although I agree with the skeptic that a 'light in the sky' is usually just a light in the sky, I cannot disagree more with the skeptic on his statement that pilots and people are poor observers - Pilots and people are good at describing what they see and if anything, they are great witnesses. There is a problem when people interpret what they see without due caution and without an open mind. If we have a pilot that says he saw an object that he cannot explain, has taken a moment to attempt an explanation, and still cannot interpret what he saw, then it need proper investigation. To brush it off saying 'it's nothing but a light' is a poor solution. As the MUFON investigator so rightly explains - were not claiming it's necessarily extra-terrestrial - but what is it??? It's within the real of possibility that there is an unknown species that resides on earth which has the ability to make these craft - or beings from another dimension, time travelers or perhaps even a 'time-warp' where we are seeing a future event at an earlier time. We cannot take 'extraterrestrial' away as an option either - it is a possibility when there is no rational explanation. What is required is an explanation of these events that are clearly happening, and for that matter, have been happening throughout history. Here is the clip - please take a moment to look at the second clip which analyzes some of the issues I have discussed

The conclusion to the documentary Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings.

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