Monday, April 5, 2010

Aliens land in Jordan - well actually it was April 1st

Jordan: Newspaper's April Fools' UFOs cause panic - In a scene similar to October 1938 when the War of the Worlds, a radio drama, was broadcast by CBS live on Halloween Eve; A Jordanian newspaper finds itself in 'hot water' for reporting that a UFO and aliens had landed near the desert town of Jafr, some 185 miles (300 kilometers) from the capital, Amman.

The report said the UFOs lit up the whole town, interrupted communications and sent fearful residents streaming into the streets.  The ensuing panic included Jafr's mayor, Mohammed Mleihan, who got caught up in the paper's prank and said he sent security authorities in search of the aliens. "Students didn't go to school, their parents were frightened and I almost evacuated the town's 13,000 residents," Mleihan told The Associated Press. "People were scared that aliens would attack them." A Jordanian security official, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss security issues, said an emergency plan was almost enacted in Jafr.

'War of the Worlds' was produced and directed by Orson Welles of the Mercury Theatre Players and based upon the 1898 H.G. Wells novel. The radio airing terrified many of its listeners, especially the ones who tuned into the broadcast late, and thought it was a live news broadcast of a real alien invasion from outer space. Many ran out of their homes screaming while others packed up their cars and fled. Read more about the full incident HERE

Many have sighted the panic and fear as the reason for the lack of disclosure on the UFO subject. People say that the information would be too much for the general population to accept and could cause panic. It's clear that opinions of those 'in the know' differ on disclosure, some support and others don't. It seems that we are going through a slow process of disclosure, to quote my favorite UFO personality, Nick Pope, we are having disclosure with a small 'd'. I don't believe that we will ever get the full story as members of the public and even if Obama would say public that UFO's exist and we have alien visitation, you can be sure that the important information on the subject will be highly classified, and we may never be told the real truth.In some ways disclosure would prevent panic because people would say - oh yeah, aliens, we heard about that - yes they are here. and then lets get on with daily life!

Here is some audio from the original broadcast

Here Orson Wells explains why he didn't expect the panic.

If you have the patience for the full Radio broadcast, you can listen here (It's actually very interesting!):-

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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