Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UFO over Pretoria / South Africa 1996

Interesting news report from South Africa. This UFO was filmed by a policemen on duty in Pretoria South Africa and was also chased by a police helicopter. It seems that something unexplainable was seen. Was is a UFO or simply a balloon or advertising blimp? It would seem from the testimony of the helicopter pilot that there was something strange and unexplained. I'm not convinced it was a UFO - but there is merit to this case because of the multiple witnesses. Its a pity that radar and other evidence was not evaluated.

On a personal note - I was in Johannesburg South Africa in 1987 and was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a deafening explosion, which sounded like it had gone off outside our window. The window almost shattered from the blast. On investigation nothing was found and we woke up to the news that this noise had been heard all over the city. It could have been a meteorite I suppose. I have always wondered what that was - no explanation was ever given.

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