Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Anatomy of a MUFON investigation

Tag along as MUFON investigates the intriguing case of The Fayetteville Incident. This show was aired on Discovery during 2008 as part of their UFOs Over Earth series. In this show how the MUFON investigators check out what some may believe is a 'tall tale' from a gentleman in Fayetteville. It turns out that it isn't such a tall tale, and there is some interesting evidence. At the end of the investigation, it doesn't turn out quite like you may expect. This documentary shows how difficult it can be to investigate and prove beyond doubt UFO sightings and close encounters. One gets a close up view of the professional work done by MUFON.

By the way - I personally do believe his story, but being a scientist - I have to express some doubt. There is no rock solid evidence, but it doesn't mean it didn't happen. There are parts of the story that have similarities to other sightings, but there is no genuine corroborating evidence. How frustrating this must have been to the folks at MUFON. So close but so far - this case shows the problems in investigating these stories. It does seem that if there are entities and UFO craft, they make sure hide and leave minimal evidence. That is certainly part of the mystery.

MUFON - The Fayetteville Incident - Part 01 of 04

MUFON - The Fayetteville Incident - Part 02 of 04

MUFON - The Fayetteville Incident - Part 03 of 04

MUFON - The Fayetteville Incident - Part 04 of 04

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