Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Needles California UFO Sighting and Crash in May 2008

A strange blue flaming object shot across the river near needles California and crashed near the bank in May 2008. 17 minutes later military helicopters arrived to scoop the glowing object away. Unsuspecting 'Bob on the River' witnessed the whole scenario and called into the local radio station to find out what was going on. This caused a sensation in the town and the UFO community, including visits by unknown agents in dark cars asking people questions, increasing the public 'hysteria' over the incident. George Knapp a veteran UFO researcher working with the i-team does a great expose on this incident and finds out about a secret high security detail driving unmarked trucks through the town.... Here are the video clips on this interesting story:-

Investigation Part 1

Investigation Part 2

Investigation Part 3

Investigation Part 4

Investigation Part 5

Although it seems like this could have been a UFO, there is always a possibility that this was a secret project that crashed or a military satellite that re-entered the atmosphere. I'm still not convinced that this is anything alien.

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