Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holographic Images as a weapon

I have just watched this interesting video on Holographic Imagery. The suggestion is that the US government is experimenting with holographic images for military and physco-military purposes. Apparently, images and even sound can be generated and cause people to see and hear things that don't really exist.  The suggestion is that this could be a source of some UFO related incidents, such as the Phoenix lights and other mass sightings. Although this sounds plausible and perhaps even scientifically probable - It surely cannot be the basis of all UFO and paranormal events. It does sound as if this could have some serious military use and could be used to overpower and mislead an enemy, I find it hard to take that a step further to say that all paranormal events are to be explained this way. In any case - it's worth looking at these clips and to realize that these things are possible and  there is reason for caution.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. I have most definitely observed for more than an hour several silvery-chrome colored saucer shaped craft emitting ruby red laser beams in an attempt to destroy each other in the later summer of 2009 while standing on the deck where I live in Alameda, California. I have seen holographic images racing to and fro in the sky over Hayward and have seen odd flying craft in the night sky over Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Cotati. Definitely, there have been experiments with holographic images, quite convincing too, over Fremont, CA in the mid 1980's. Even spectacular images that were very difficult to classify as fraud. But, they were experiments by our military/scientific community. Most assuredly.

  2. In June 22, 1874 Dr Andrew T. Still discovered the science of osteopathy--something that has been regarded as a mere over-ponderous imagination years before it has been proven. This is one of the facts that may not have been proven if skeptics did not allow a little bit of open-mindedness. Many mysteries still exist in this world, and the distinction between those that allow chance to take place and those that do not are those who allow a little bit of open-mindedness amidst the claims of insanity given to the idea. :)

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