Friday, February 19, 2010

UFO documentary 2008. "Britain's Closest Encounters"

The UK government has just released the latest in a set of UFO reports that have been declassified and are now available from the National Archive. In the spirit of the release, here is a great documentary by the BBC aired in 2008 about some of the most amazing UFO and strange encounters in the United Kingdom.

Part 1 Explosion in Berwyn Mountains North Wales and subsequent sighting of craft in the village of LLandrillo - to read more about this strange incident check out the following LINK

Part 2
Apparent Scientific Explanation for the incident seems to make this 'case closed'

Part 3 Further investigation of the Berwyn incident by Jenny Randell after an interview with Nurse Pat Evans in 1980's resurrected this a a UFO incident. The documentary continues with the sightings in Pen-Y-Bryn by Gamekeeper Geraint Edwards on Feb 15th 1974. Sharon Rowlands finds out the hard way what happens when you make a UFO encounter public, after her sighting and video footage during October 2000 in Bonsall Derbyshire.

Part 4 The men in black with a twist

Part 5

For interesting sightings in North Wales check out this amazing BBC site by following this LINK

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