Sunday, February 21, 2010

Investigating the Abduction Experience

The abduction experience is perhaps one the the most troubling aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Most people who say they have been abducted are often viewed as mentally unstable by society. Perhaps resulted from the many 'fringe' elements and 'loony bin' factor when UFOs became a 'cult' in the early 60's and 70's. There were many strange people interviewed on television who claimed to be "Contactees" and having the most amazing trips to Mars , Venus and the rest of the galaxy. They had these incredible stories and were clearly basking in the limelight of 'fame' as they were interviewed by radio stations and the like. They claimed that they were good friends of aliens from different planetary systems, had been aboard these crafts and marveled at their experiences. In fact there was even a taxi driver in the UK who claimed to be in direct contact with aliens and started a religion or cult. Watching videos of their 'prayer' sessions has one feeling a tinge of sadness for these poor people and also at the same time feeling entertained by this extremely amusing scene being portrayed. Fiction could not have been written better.

HOWEVER, when it comes to the real alien abduction and the people who would rather not talk about their experiences - we are in a completely different ballpark. This is a very serious and frightening experience and those who have experienced this phenomenon are clearly, on the whole, normal people having abnormal experiences. They suffer from PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder - similar to people being in conflict zones, and it is clear that something is happening to these people.

I believe that abduction experiences can be classed into those who have been taken out in the country during trips into uninhabited locations and those where people seem to be abducted from within their bedrooms in populated cities.
Those that happened in the country such as Benny and Barney Hill, Travis Walters and others seem to follow a similar pattern, of seeing an object and them being taken up into the craft would seem to be less worrying than the abductions from within populated cities. The sleep paralysis theory cannot be used for those abducted in the country, sometimes in front of multiple witnesses. Lets say for a moment that these beings are from another planet, of which I'm not convinced, or even lets say, from the sea, or from hidden locations in the earth - there are many undiscovered species being found even today - abducting someone in a remote location is essentially being done on their turf.
However, those being abducted from the secure environment of their homes in big populated cities, really is a much more severe threat. This means that they have access to people even in their secure environment - almost like a fifth column. What it means is that they most likely come from other dimensions, or act with stealth and are able in some cases to penetrate into 'enemy' territory. As such there seems to be a greater threat to humankind from this type of abduction.

Many people believe the aliens are not threatening and that contact should be made - they want the US government to open their files and reveal all. But what if the truth is very frightening?

Many have suggested the need to make 'contact' with these beings and make use of their 'wonderful' technology, but I believe that it is a bad idea. The ancient texts speak of the dangers of making contact with the 'occult' and this is no different. The bible clearly advises against initiating contact with these beings - and looking at ancient history in India and the like would seem to back up that idea. See the ancient battles mentioned in Indian texts and possible nuclear fallout from a weapon 'brighter than a thousand suns'. The Sumerian's were clearly in contact with these beings and the ancient Egyptians also. Humankind should be very careful in opening the 'doorway' to whatever is behind these experiences. Have a look at this very interesting video by Dr. David Jacobs on the abduction experience and some of the latest findings. I have one comment to make which perhaps has not been thought about by abduction researchers - perhaps these beings are unable to reproduce on their own - perhaps their existence is tied to the human race. With that in mind here is the video:-

Part 1

Part 2

And here is another expert in the field - Budd Hopkins

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. I think it is important to keep in mind the research practices of the "experts" when judging the veracity of their theories. Dr. Jacobs conducted an extensive program of hypnosis with me, and he said that I was one of three people with whom he has done the most amount of hypnosis. However, when the recordings of the hypnpsis sessions were later analyzed, it was clear he engaged in extensive leading and suggestion, and I believe I confabuated many false memeories that fit his "theories" as a consequence. In my opinion it is unlikely that he only did that with me, and it is probable that he did it with his other research subjects as well.

    Dr. Jacobs also put hypnotic suggestions in my mind under hypnosis that I had Multiple Personality Disorder, ostensibly so that "hybrids" would not know that he was researching my case and go after him. You can hear the recording of him doing this at He did not tell me beforehand that he was going to do this, or ask my permission to do it, and he showed no concern about the effect on me. It was obviously an extremely psychologically abusive thing to do. This is not something that he would have disclosed himself, and people would not know about unless I had made it known. What else goes in his research that people do not know about?

    In my opinion, Dr. Jacobs' theories should be examined very carefully, including the circumstances behind his research, before deciding how accurate they are likely to be.

    Emma Woods

  2. Interesting, I have heard this comment about regressions, but wasn't sure how it could be done, because all the videos of regression I had seen didn't seem to be leading questions. Your comments are very much appreciated and show that this is possible. Here in Israel there is a lot of discussion about past life regressions under hypnosis and so much so, that the health department issued a warning about the practice, stating how harmful this had been to some people. Those who go for regressions need to be aware of the dangers. Thank you Emma