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Something that Stripped the Paint off the Car

Here is an interesting story received from one of my readers. If you have personal stories and evidence of UFO's or 'Alien Beings' - please send and I will publish those which I feel fit in with the title of my blog, and according to my own subjective 'criteria'. I don't promise to publish every story but I will protect your privacy if requested. Some details are changed to protect the identity of the witnesses. Here is the story:-

There is an odd story that my cousin tells of a conversation with his father, my father's older brother that occurred when he was 16 years old. This would have been in the mid to late 1950's to mid 1960's. My father worked for 30 years or so for the Federal government at various Air Force bases as an investigator.

Anyway, according to my cousin in the late 1950's or early 1960's or so, his father (my uncle) told his son (my cousin) a strange story that my father had relayed just to his older brother (my uncle).
Apparently, my father was sent in Texas on some kind of investigation and something strange happened to the car in which he was riding with another investigator that involved blinding lights and something that stripped the paint off of the car. My cousin became excited upon hearing this from his father and privately asked my father about it. My father replied that he couldn't talk about it. So my cousin asked if he could ask my father's opinion, did he believe in alien life. My father smiled and said that he did. The strange thing about this is that both my father and his brother
were men of uncompromising honesty. As my aunt said, I never knew them ever to tell a lie in their entire life. My husband was the most honest man I ever knew.

I do not believe that either my Uncle or my father would make up such a story, even to "shine" a teen age boy. My father was also cut from the same cloth and though an intelligent and literate man, he was not given to wild speculation or imagination; definitely, he was a very down to earth type, as you might expect from a federal government employee charged with security during cold war.

I often wonder if my father ran into something that shook him up so badly that he would only share it with his older brother as he was under the strictest prohibition about discussing it. Also, I've wondered if there were some UFO sitings in Texas and that he might have been dispatched to do some kind of investigation or check something out? And in doing so bumped into something "unusual". My father was working at Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma between say 1955 and 1961, but my cousin said he was 14 years of age when told this tale, so it might have closer to 1965 when this occurred?

Hardly conclusive proof but certainly a strange little family tale... Have you heard of anything happening in Texas around that time period that might match this kind of strange encounter?

Well actually - I found a couple of interesting cases of strange lights:

A case occurred in Texas that involved three individuals who allegedly witnessed a UFO touch down on a remote highway in front of them, and then after several minutes took off. They described being exposed to a blinding, very hot light that visibly burned the face and arms of one of the witnesses who had stepped out of the car. After the incident, and continuing for several days, they each suffered nausea and other physiological effects similar to those normally associated with radiation exposure. Doctors could not account for their condition. In addition, trees on either side of the highway were scorched and the paint on the highway itself was noticeably affected.

Case - Location. Near March Field California Date: early 1954 Time: unknown
Several witnesses were passing by the airfield in a vehicle when they observed a shiny disc shaped craft resting on the ground. In order to get a closer look they exited their vehicle and approached the object. The craft was smooth and silvery and there appeared to be no one around the object. The witnesses then decided to get even closer to the object when suddenly a man appeared and stepped in front of them. He raised his arm and threw what appeared to be a fireball at them. The fireball passed by them and struck their vehicle. The witnesses immediately fled the area, driving to the nearest police station. The being was described as tall, man like and wearing some sort of half mask on his face, apparently metallic. The fireball reportedly dented the side of the vehicle and burned the paint.

Occurred : 7/1/1957 20:00 (Entered as : 07/01/1958 20:00)Reported: 12/10/2002 1:07:46 AM 01:07
Posted: 2/25/2003 Location: Del Rio, TX Shape: Cigar Duration:HALF HOUR
Owners New Car Has Paint Burned Off By UFO.
The following UFO event happened in my home town, Del Rio,Texas, in 1957. Although I did not personaly see the event happen, the whole town knew about it, and it was reported in the Local Newspaper, and admitted by the local police department and the local U.S.A.F Base near Del Rio. Here is Del Rio's real U.F.O. story as I remebered it from my youth in 1957: One night, a local Del Rio traveling salesman who frequently traveled east on US Highway 10, from Del Rio to San Antonio (165 miles away}, was engaged by a cigar shaped UFO. The UFO hovered over his car with oscillating multicolored lights. The UFO caused the car's engine and electrical system to shut down. When the salesman looked out his car window at the UFO, he was severely burned on his face. When the UFO left, the salesman being terrified, restarted his car and returned to Del Rio, (he was about 30 miles east of Del Rio when he encountered the UFO). When he reached Del Rio, he went to the hospital for burn treatment and the hospital reported the unusual circumstances to the Del Rio Police Dept. This type of encounter may not seem to odd until you hear the unusual thing that happened to the salesmans new "two-day old" car within the next few days. The next morning, it was obvious all the paint on the salesmans new car had been completely burned off. Within a few days the outside of the car had "totally rusted" from exposer to the UFO. The local Ford dealer could not account for the "sudden" paint loss and rusting on the car. As I recall, the local Ford dealer gave him a new car and the U.S. Air Force took the car away. The local Del Rio salesman suddenly left Del Rio and was never seen in Del Rio again. This story is true. It really happened in my home town in 1957. Many of the old-time residents in Del Rio remember going down to the police station and seeing the "new rusting car". Many local residents are still reluctant to talk about this incident.((NUFORC Note: Dat of incident is approximate. Report submitted by a public employee. We would like to have the newspaper article to post together with this report. PD))

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