Friday, January 21, 2011

Major Donald E. Keyhoe: Air Force Says Ufos Exist

Former Mariner Air Corps Major, Donald Keyhoe gave this press briefing, where he states that UFO's exist and probably come from another planet. He quotes from military sources and had the support of military men, some scientists in his time and prominent businessmen. - Major Donald E. Keyhoe: Air Force Says Ufos Exist Video

There is an interesting side note to this, that the well known comic book and international best selling story book called TinTin in "Flight 714" has an interesting look at UFO's. The 'contactee' that meets them in the volcano, Mayan type tomb and rescues them from the baddies (Rastopopolus and his ilk) and the volcanic eruption that is about to destroy the island, has a very similar look to Major keyhoe. It is well known that TinTin author Herge, had a team of people that researched their topics extensively, and their stories are based on fact. They touch on alien abduction, contactees, alien artifacts and the presence of UFO's near volcanic eruptions.

After rescuing Carreidas and taking Rastapopoulas hostage, Tin-Tin and Co attempt make their escape from the remote island, but discovers the islands alien origin.

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