Friday, May 21, 2010

Web Titbits - some interesting posts from the web

Check out my latest article on my other blog iLifeWorld about Jupiter losing it's stripes HERE!

It seems that there is new hope for hacker and persona non-grata in the USA, Gary McKinnon. Gary who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, is being extradited to the USA for allegedly hacking into NASA computers to find out if UFO's are real. He is being blamed for causing damages to their computer system, but many think its an effort to make an example of him for delving too far into the UFO secrets that the US military, or perhaps a shadowy government, is trying hard to cover up. The overall Public concensus in the UK is that he should be tried in the UK not in the US. Check out REAL UFO's and the videos he posts for an interesting report on the latest twist to the case  i.e. that Nick Clegg the new Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Liberal Party in the UK, supports him being tried locally and opposes extradition. Here is an appeal from Gary's mother to rescind the unfair extradition treaty and Nick Clegg adds his support.

There is an interesting witness testimony from a retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, which seems that President Eisenhower was briefed on extraterrestrial biological entities and may have even met them. Take a look at the video on Alien Casebook HERE

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